Picking the correct frame to support your telescope is just as important as picking the correct magnification.  At Orascoptic, we strive to provide you with durable, yet fashionable frame options that will exceed your performance expectations and compliment your personal fashion preference.

Through strategic partnerships with renowned eyewear manufacturers such as Oakley® and Rudy Project®, we have been able to stay at the forefront of style, comfort, and performance.  Each frame has been hand selected or designed in collaboration with our partners to ensure that they meet the rigorous quality standards we have set forth.  



ErgoEdge allows the you to achieve your personal balance of comfort and posture as never before on an innovative sports frame specifically engineered as a platform for loupes. 

Designed with a 3-Point Fit, the Flak® 2.0 provides stability without compromising overall comfort.

Take personalization to a new level with flexible temple hinges, bendable temple arms and adjustable nose pads.   

Designed to push the boundaries of traditional frames, the XV1 offers a built-in cable-less headlight.


This iconic frame brings a sleek and minimalist design for today’s trendy clinician.

This refined fit frame was engineered to provide optimal comfort for clinicians with prominent cheekbones or a lower nose bridge.

Inspired by European fashion, this frame has a small, yet sophisticated profile.


This durable lightweight headband features adjustable tension controls.