Lightweight comfort without compromising performance

Constructed from lightweight titanium, Phantom is the lightest sports frame available with built-in prescription on the market. Phantom is 15% lighter than the leading competitor, with prescription.* 

All the best features – bendable temple tips, adjustable nose pad, cable control channel, and flex hinges - without the added weight.

Available in five stunning colors, Phantom is the perfect choice for those prioritizing comfort and style.

Color Options

Phantom Black

Phantom Black

Color: Black

Phantom Iris

Phantom Iris

Color: Iris

Phantom Rose Gold

Phantom Rose Gold

Color: Rose Gold

Phantom Sapphire

Phantom Sapphire

Color: Sapphire

Phantom Slate

Phantom Slate

Color: Slate






Weighs 52.4g (1.85oz) when mounted on a small size frame with HDL 2.5 Macro oculars

Loupe Package

Side Shields 

Head Strap 

Personalized Storage Case 

Optical Screwdriver 

Cleaning Cloth 

Anti-Fog Cloth

Optional Headlight

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