RDH Elevate™️


RDH Elevate is a metal frame in the RDH line of products – exclusively available to dental hygienists, this frame is designed to eliminate discomfort and distractions while still prioritizing style. Most fashion frames aren’t designed for loupes, but many loupe providers still use them. RDH Elevate rises above the norm by providing a frame tailor-made for loupes with a titanium base to ensure durability, while still offering a fashion-centric option to the stylish dental hygienist.

Cleaning teeth never looked so good.

Color Options

RDH Elevate Black

Color: Black

RDH Elevate Crystal Clear

Color: Crystal Clear

RDH Elevate Glacier

Color: Glacier

RDH Elevate Pink Pearl

Color: Pink Pearl

RDH Elevate Tortoise

Color: Tortoise





Loupe Options

Loupe Package

Personalized carrying case

Side shields

Head strap

Optical screwdriver

Cleaning cloth

Anti-fog cloth


Head strap

Nose pad

Side shields (pair)

Temple arms

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