Launched Interchangeable Magnification Loupe System

Orascoptic™, the market leader in superior vision solutions for dental and medical professionals continues their legacy of game-changing technology with the introduction of OmniOptic™ – the first and only interchangeable magnification loupe that allows the clinician to select the optimal magnification power for each procedure.

Accommodating four magnification powers ranging from 2.5x – 5.5x, the OmniOptic system is an ideal system for users looking to increase their magnification over the course of their career.

The unique design features a magnetic anchor built into the carrier lens of the frame; allowing clinicians to upgrade their magnification powers without having to purchase a new loupe system. Start with a 2.5x magnification power for routine procedures and graduate to 3.5x for more precise procedures. A consistent working distance at each magnification level, also allows the user to swap out magnification powers without compromising their posture or positioning.

The OmniOptic system supports the HDL™ 2.5 Macro, HDL 3.5, HDL 4.5 and HDL 5.5 telescopes. This system is available as a through-the-lens configuration on the Legend™, Rave™, Rydon™, Victory™ and XV1™ frames. 

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