Don't take our word for it.

“I first heard about Orascoptic™ loupes when I was working as a dental nurse and have only ever heard good things about them! I knew that when I would eventually start doing dental hygiene and therapy, I’d 100% be getting myself a pair. I’ve been amazed with how much of an improvement I’ve seen, and felt, in my posture as well as clinical skill when using the Orascoptic™ loupes.”

"The Dragonfly loupes provide superior visualizatoin as other Orascoptic loupes, with more freedom of movement. I was able to take them out of the box and seamlessly integrate them into the everyday workflow!"


Amber Auger MPH, RDH


"Finally got some Orascoptic loupes, and my back is already thanking me for it. Only used them one day and I already don’t know how I ever worked without them. Thanks Orascoptic for the fab customer service.❞

"Loving the Orascoptic 5.5x loupes & Endeavour XL TruColor light!"

"Working both as a Hygienist and Dental Therapist I was struggling to decide between 2.5x and 3.5x magnification but with the EyeZoom™ loupes, I have the best of both. They are so easy to switch between magnifications and still feel lightweight. I'm extremely impressed with them.❞

"The quality of my dentistry has definitely been elevated tremendously thanks to these loupes! I highly recommend them to anyone who is considering taking their dentistry to the next level!”