Dragonfly™ NEO

Our entry level NEO model is available in a single color and supports four popular magnification powers

Color Options

Dragonfly NEO Midnight

Color: Midnight



4.53 oz (129 g) with HDL™ 2.5 Micro Oculars

Light Intensity

78 Lumens

Composite Filter

Curing Filter Included

Est. Charge Time

Less Than 2 Hours

Est. Battery Life:

Up to 6 Hours, Depending on Light Setting


4 Included

Prescription Compatibility

This Frame Supports Prescriptions

Loupe Package

Side Shields 

Head Strap 

Personalized Storage Case 

Power Supply

Cleaning Cloth 

Anti-Fog Cloth

Replacement Pieces

Head strap

Nose pad

Side shields



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