HDL™ 2.5 Macro

Third-party testing confirms that our loupes deliver the clearest image quality in the industry with best-in-class optical resolution and light transmission.

HDL™ 2.5 Macro

The HDL™ 2.5 Macro distinguishes itself with sizeable field width that allows instruments to be transitioned into the field of view with ease.

An elongated bezel also works to reduce head tilt by capitalizing on steeper declination angles.

A recent third-party lab study confirms that we offer the clearest 2.5x loupe in the industry.


All optical systems are made with Grade A fine annealed glass lenses fused with anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings.

Working distance and declination angle are customized to each user.  


Magnification Power



1.8 oz (50.70 g) Measured on Orascoptic Victory™ Frame

Field Width

4.0" (10.40 cm) Measured at 18” working distance without eye prescription

Field Depth

5.0" (12.70 cm) Measured at 18” working distance without eye prescription

Loupe package

  • Side Shields
  • Head Strap
  • Personalized Storage Case
  • Optical Screwdriver
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Anti-Fog Cloth

I’ve been using my Orascoptic loupes and light ever since residency. They help maintain proper posture and save my neck and back after hours of surgery. They’re so good, I bought a second pair just before I finished fellowship, and now only use Orascoptic loupes in my private practice.


User Manuals

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Dragonfly IFU
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