Clarity is better in TruColor.


TruColor™ is Orascoptic’s pioneering technology - vibrant CRI illumination available for the first time now across Orascoptic's range of loupe-mounted LED headlights. TruColor™ enables all Orascoptic headlights to render colors much closer to natural sunlight, unlocking a markedly higher level of color accuracy.

Orascoptic research and development teams have achieved a color rendering index score greater than 90 across the full range of integrated headlights, yielding more vivid, truer colors. By comparison, other loupe-mounted headlights exhibit CRI values in the 70s. Natural sunlight scores at the maximum 100 in the CRI index.  

Orascoptic’s TruColor™ headlights deliver breakthrough color rendering without compromising light output, spot uniformity or battery run time. TruColor is available in the entire product line of headlights.

  • Spark TruColor™
  • Endeavour TruColor™
  • Endeavour TruColor™ XL
  • XV1 TruColor™

TruColor headlights have the same warranty as the standard headlights.



All other specifications remain the same as the standard headlights.

CRI: 90+

Color Temperature: 5700° K

Introducing TruColor™ by Orascoptic