Our Face Shield Offering 

Orascoptic offers ProGear® Full Face Shields with Headlight Cut-Out which are intended to be worn in conjunction with Orascoptic loupes or secondary eye protection. These shields feature lightweight, anti-fog protection from splashing or spraying. They are made from polyester for maximum visibility and feature a cut-out to enable the shield to be worn with a headlight. They are sold in packages of 24 units.

ProGear® Face Shields are available in North America only.

Our ProGear® Face Shields may stock out frequently due to high demand. Follow Orascoptic on Facebook and Instagram @Orascoptic to be informed as we are able to make more available.


Our Guidance on Face Shields

As clinicians prepare to reopen their practices, we have received numerous requests for guidance on face shield selection and availability. While we recognize that face shields are presently in short supply industry-wide, the below may be helpful considerations as you evaluate face shielding options:


1. Ideal face shield models should be large enough to accomodate loupe optics, especially higher magnification levels. Certain face shield models designed for hospital applications will be restrictive (look for face shields that sit far enough away from your face to give you, and your optics, plenty of space).





2. Great face shield options feature a cut-out or other method for accomodating your loupe headlight while limiting glare.






3. Prefer to detach your headlight (not our recommended approach) to mount above a face shield? Orascoptic Spark™ (wireless) and Endeavour™ (wired) headlights feature an available 'Universal Clip' that can be helpful for affixing to the leading edge of face shields. This clip can open up to ~10mm wide. Contact Orascoptic if you require a replacement. Reference promo code FACESHIELDLIGHTCLIP to receive 50% discount and priority processing.




Size:   One Size                      Quantity:   24 Full Face Shields per Package