Orascoptic™ Scores Highest When Compared to Top Competitors


Orascoptic, the leader in superior magnification and illumination solutions for dental and medical professionals, offers customers the best clarity 2.5 power optics among top loupe manufacturers.

In a recent third-party study which tested Orascoptic’s top selling HDL™ 2.5x Macro loupe against the 2.5x magnification loupes of the industry’s top competitors, Orascoptic optics performed significantly higher in resolution and light transmission tests, yielding the clearest image quality on the market.

Resolution was tested through an industry-standard USAF resolution protocol.  Light transmission was evaluated by measuring the percent of total light that is preserved as it passes through the optical lenses.  Higher efficiency in light transmission leads to a brighter image.  Orascoptic’s 2.5x loupe optics scored up to 125% better than competitors on resolution tests and up to 40% better than competitors on light transmission tests. 

“We are thrilled that the results of this third-party study confirm that Orascoptic truly does offer its clinicians superior visualization. We are proud to know that among 2.5x magnification optics tested, Orascoptic’s optics demonstrated a clear difference.  A high resolution, bright viewing field, delivered by meticulously designed and crafted optics, is at the core of what we do,” said Drew Weightman, General Manager at Orascoptic. “We suspected that the design and construction of our latest generation of optics was excellent yet seeing this validated by third-party lab testing is very exciting.”

To learn more about the results of the study, visit: https://hs.orascoptic.com/a-difference-you-can-see.

Cover image is a simulated comparison of third-party lab tests conducted in 2018.

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