Face Shields

ProGear® Full Face Shield with Headlight Cut-Out is compatible with all Orascoptic Loupes & Headlights

We Do Better. Finally a Face Shield Designed for you... and your loupes.

  • Effective

    Headlight Cut-out designed to minimize glare & heat build-up.
    ANSI certified splash and splatter protection.

  • Simple

    No need for extra acessories, spacers or re-attachment.
    Compatible with all Orascoptic loupes and headlights.

  • Comfortable

    Lightweight design with a wide elastic headband.
    Anti-fog coating for all-day visibility.

"As I returned to practice, I tried many different face shields. Orascoptic's was the only one that accommodated both my loupes and headlight! I'd highly recommend it." 

– Elizabeth Desamero, DMD



One Size


24 Full Face Shields per Package

Your protection. Our priority.

We want you to feel protected and comfortable with your Orascoptic loupes. That is why we've introduced a face shield designed to accommodate your magnification and illumination devices.

Face shields provide a barrier protection to the facial area and related mucous membranes from droplets of saliva and blood. As the face is the area most commonly contaminated by splashes and sprays we recommend utilizing a face shield to provide an additional barrier between you and your patient. 

Loupe magnification and illumination matter more now than ever.

Choose a face shield that is compatible with your loupes so you can continue to practice Detail at a Distance:

  • Protection from splashing or spraying
  • Compatible with all Orascoptic loupes and headlights 
  • Cut-out for headlight to minimize glare and heat build-up
  • Anti-fog coating for maximum visibility
  • Lightweight
  • Elastic headband for extra comfort for all sizes
  • Completely disposable for maximum safety

If you prefer to detach your headlight to mount above the face shield, Orascoptic Spark (wireless) and Endeavour (wired) headlights feature an available 'Universal Clip' to mount your headlight to the leading edge of your face shield.