Detail at a Distance™

Magnification and illumination matter now more than ever.

What is Detail at a Distance™?

Increased working distance

Enables increased working distances from patient

Larger image

Unlocks a larger image for enhanced clinical detail

Enhanced Ergonomics

Supports ergonomic neck and back posture in a fast-changing environment

It's all in the details.


Hear straight from leading clinicians how they are now using loupes with illumination to maintain Detail at a Distance.™ 

Tell us how your loupes and headlights enable you to practice Detail at a Distance™ as you return to work. Use #detailatadistance on social media for a chance to be featured!

As an orthodontist, I had never used loupes before. My recent postgraduate training at UCLA Dentistry changed my way of practicing dentistry completely after receiving my Orascoptic loupes. I am never going back to working without them. The clarity, the magnification allowing details to be viewed from a distance and the light source following my field of view is a total game changer and I highly recommend them to my colleagues.

Investment in quality will always pay dividends. The EyeZoom ™ loupes not only provide enhanced visualization by allowing me to see detail from a distance, but also make higher quality dentistry more repeatable.

Much of the work I do as a dentist involves being able to see very small details at a safe distance, especially in light of the current pandemic. There's absolutely no way I would be able to deliver the precise, detailed, and beautiful dentistry I do on a daily basis without them.

What Sets Orascoptic Loupes Apart? You.

Each pair of Orascoptic loupes are built to your individual specifications.