The Frame

Our premium PRO model supports the full line of Orascoptic telescopes and is loaded with bonus features including extra batteries, multiple light intensity settings, and extremely durable ceramic paint finish.

Dragonfly™ PRO features Cerakote, a ceramic polymer coating that offers industry-leading durability, hardness, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, and chemical resistance. 

Dragonfly PRO with EyeZoom Loupes in charcoal

Color Options

Dragonfly PRO Amethyst

Color: Amethyst

Dragonfly Pro Charcoal

Color: Charcoal

Dragonfly PRO Neptune

Color: Neptune

Dragonfly Pro Olive

Color: Olive



4.53 oz (129 g) with HDL™ 2.5 Micro Oculars

Light Intensity

Low/High | 49/78 Lumens

Composite Filter

Curing Filter Included

Est. Charge Time

Less Than 2 Hours

Est. Battery Life:

Up to 6 Hours, Depending on Light Setting


6 Included

Prescription Compatibility

This Frame Supports Prescriptions

Loupe Package

Side Shields 

Head Strap 

Personalized Storage Case 

Power Supply

Cleaning Cloth 

Anti-Fog Cloth

Replacement Pieces

Head strap

Nose pad

Side shields



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