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Dragonfly PRO Amethyst

Color: Amethyst

Dragonfly Pro Charcoal

Color: Charcoal

Dragonfly PRO Neptune

Color: Neptune

Dragonfly Pro Olive

Color: Olive

Dragonfly PRO features Cerakote, a ceramic polymer coating that offers industry-leading durability, hardness, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, and chemical resistance


  • 2.5x
  • 3.0x
  • 3.5x
  • 4.5x
  • 5.5x
  • Variable 2.5x-3.5x
  • Variable 3x-4x-5x

Light Intensity:

  • High: 78 Lumens
  • Low: 49 Lumens

Battery Run-time (Set of 2)

  • High: 3 hrs. 45 min.
  • Low: 6 hrs.


  • Included: 6

"The Dragonfly loupes provide superior visualization as other Orascoptic loupes, with more freedom of movement. I was able to take them out of the box and seamlessly integrate them into the everday workflow!"

Amber Auger MPH, RDH


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