RDH Ergo™ 3.0x 

Focused on ergonomics, this deflection loupe is designed to improve posture and reduce neck discomfort. 

RDH Ergo™

The RDH Ergo™ loupe allows you to work in comfort and preserve your career. Our deflection optics improve posture without sacrificing vision. By using refractive prisms to allow hygienists to sit up straight and reduce neck tilt, the RDH Ergo loupe is an ergonomic option that delivers all-day comfort. 

Deflect discomfort with RDH Ergo.


Working distance and declination angle are customized to each user.  


Magnification Power



2.45oz (69.4g)
*When Mounted on an Orascoptic Medium Tempo™ Frame

Field Width

3.7" (9.5 cm)

Field Depth

3.5" (9.0 cm)

Loupe package

  • Side shields
  • Head strap
  • Personalized storage case
  • Optical screwdriver
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Anti-fog cloth


Ergo DPS Ebook
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User Manuals

All Standard Loupe Models (global)
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