Dentistry requires exceptional visualization, unique skills, and precision which can leave you vulnerable to unnatural body positioning. Our custom-fit loupes and headlights enable you to work to increase your productivity, improve your performance and practice more ergonomically. 

Our Best Selling Dental Loupes

  • 3.5x prism loupes on Tempo frame

    HDL™ 3.5x Prism

    Designed for healthcare professionals who perform exacting procedures.

  • HDL™ 2.5 Macro

    This custom-crafted surgical loupe boasts edge-to-edge clarity and generous field of view.

  • EyeZoom™

    The first variable magnification loupe, EyeZoom offers three adjustable magnification levels ranging from 3x-5x. 

"I'm currently using the EyeZoom™. It has three different magnifications: 3x,4x,5x. I usually use the 4x and, if I want to get really close up I'll go to the 5x. If I want more of an overview I'll go to the 3x magnification. It's very versatile."

What sets Orascoptic loupes apart? You!

Every Orascoptic loupe is custom-built for you and your specifications - because achieving your best isn’t possible without customizing to you. 

We take precise measurements to build your digital blueprint from your facial geometry to help you achieve more and practice more ergonomically.  

You are what makes us special.


Exceptional magnification is essential for routine exams to intricate surgical procedures. Find your magnification to enable your best work.


You can’t see what you can’t see. Find the lighting solution to improve your visibility by reducing shadowing in your field of view.


From splatter to radiation protection, browse our safety solution products that help keep you safe.


Designed as functional platforms for medical devices, our frames place performance, durability, and safety as top priorities.

*Dr. Tauschek is a paid consultant for Orascoptic. The opinions expressed are those of Dr Tauschek. Orascoptic is a medical device manufacturer and does not dispense medical advice. Clinicians should use their own professional judgment in treating their patients.