Dental professionals constantly have their work on display in every smile that walks out of their practice. Dental procedures require unique skill and precision, leaving dentists to often endure unnatural working positions for long durations.

Our goal as an industry leader in dental loupes is to provide superior visualization across the globe with the latest advances in dental loupes, dental headlights, and safety.

Focusing on advanced product performance and clinician-first features, we have made it our mission to provide the most innovative magnification, illumination and ergonomic solutions.

Black Tempo Frame


Exceptional visibility is a necessity for everything from routine exams to invasive surgical procedures. At Orascoptic, we offer a range of magnifications that apply to all dentists. 

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Endeavour Headlight


Optimal illumination is an essential component to ensure the best procedural results. At Orascoptic, we offer a variety of surgical headlights that offer improved visibility by reducing shadowing in the field of view.


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Loupe Laser Shields


Eye protection is a necessary component for any procedure. We carry a complete line of safety products for both the patient and the clinician. 

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