HDL Prism Legend
November 1, 2016

We are excited to announce our new line of HDL™ prismatic telescopes; including our first and only 5.5x telescope.

Ranging in magnification powers from 3.5x to 5.5x, these prismatic expanded field loupes are designed for medical professionals who perform exacting procedures.

Designed for performance, these telescopes offer a generous field of view with a high-definition resolution and an edge-to-edge clarity that has become synonymous with the Orascoptic brand.

Working to improve speed and efficiencies in the operatory, HDL prisms enable precise interactions by bringing the operating site closer and into focus.

An anti-reflective coating on the objective lens of the telescope, also allows additional light to pass through for a brighter and crisper image. 

The compact design and sleek brushed metallic finish on the telescope delivers an aesthetically pleasing element to this custom-crafted medical device.

The HDL line of prisms is currently available on the Legend™, Rave™, Rydon™, Victory™, XV1™ and Rigid headband and is configurable as a through-the-lens (TTL) or flip-up.