Endeavour™ MD

Our optimal headlight for surgeons.

Endeavour™ MD

Exclusive to the surgical field, Endeavour MD features an even distribution of up to 85 lumens of light and delivers up to twenty-four hours of consistent light output with 90+ CRI. 

Easily adjust light settings without reaching into your pocket. Employing Orascoptic’s smallest headlight and longest-running battery pack, Endeavour MD is a dependable and lightweight headlight solution. 

Endeavour MD is available with two battery packs to ensure a smooth experience for each user. 

Endeavour MD



Headlight 8g, Battery 200g

Light Intensity

Low/Medium/High | 53/68/85 lumens

Color Temperature

6500 K


2.5 (6.35 cm) spotlight 
at 12 (30.5 cm) focused beam 

Est. Charging Time

up to 6 hours (can be used while recharging)


Est. Battery Life

10 to 24 hours depending on light setting


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