Surgical Acuity Customers

Orascoptic™ and Surgical Acuity™ Unified Under One Brand

Dear Surgical Acuity Customers,

Orascoptic™, the leader in superior vision solutions for dental professionals will consolidate its medical-centric brand "Surgical Acuity" under the same Orascoptic moniker. The Surgical Acuity brand will be phased out by the end of the year, at which time the single Orascoptic brand will be aligned with both dental and medical markets.

"The merging of Surgical Acuity under the Orascoptic brand gives us the opportunity to better serve our customers through unified communications, improved process controls, and enhanced product access," said James Onderak, Orascoptic Director of Marketing.

In a first step towards brand consolidation, Orascoptic has launched a new website that caters to multiple industries by offering product recommendations for surgeons, dentists, and dental hygienists.

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