Why Orascoptic?

You may already know the numerous benefits of wearing loupes:

  • Better Vision: Loupes allow you to bring the oral cavity closer and into focus, improving visibility of critical components that might be missed by the naked eye. Loupes also offer high definition resolution, creating an enhanced visual acuity for the clinician and allowing for better procedural outcomes for the patient.
  • Improved Ergonomics: The use magnification systems have been associated with decreased neck and lower back pain, as they allow clinicians to maintain a healthier posture.
  • Reduction in Eye Strain & Fatigue: Ocular fatigue or tired eyes are often brought on by concentrated use of the eyes for visual tasks. Lack of quality magnification forces the eye muscles to work harder to focus, contributing to sore eyes at the end of a long work day.
  • Improved production: Enhanced visual acuity through proper magnification helps you spend less time performing dental procedures and work with greater accuracy.

Let us tell you why Orascoptic is the clear choice for your superior visualization needs.




Better Optics – Recent third-party testing confirms Orascoptic’s industry-leading position in image clarity among leading U.S. loupe manufacturers. The top selling HDL™ 2.5x Macro loupe performed significantly higher in resolution and light transmission tests, yielding the clearest image quality on the market. Resolution was tested through an industry-standard USAF resolution protocol while light transmission was evaluated by measuring the percent of total light that is preserved as it passes through the optical lenses. Orascoptic optics scored up to 125% better than competitors on resolution tests and up to 40% better than competitors on light transmission tests. This third-party testing confirms Orascoptic’s clear advantage in image clarity among leading U.S. loupe manufacturers.  When it comes to quality patient care, image clarity matters. Don’t settle for less than the best!

Did you know? As our eyes age, less light reaches our retinas. Orascoptic loupes have a greater light transmission which allows you to maintain a high level of clarity and detail as you progress in your career.

Customization – You provide customized care for your patients, so why use a generic loupe? Orascoptic uses an advanced digital measurement system that captures facial geometry measurements to within a tenth of a millimeter.  Each Orascoptic loupe is custom-crafted with meticulous precision in our headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin.  Purchasing loupes is a long-term investment; make sure you’re investing a loupe that’s specifically measured and customized to best fit and function for you.   

Uniquely designed frames – Orascoptic’s frames are designed and manufactured to serve as a platform for loupes. They include attributes such as flex hinge temple arms, adjustable temple tips and an adjustable saddle nose pad. We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality frame design first and foremost, yet we understand our customers’ desire to feel and look great while wearing them. We offer a wide variety of loupe frame options that are customizable in color, size and fit.

Industry leader – Founded in 1981, Orascoptic has been a pioneer in the medical vision industry for over 30 years, designing award-winning dental loupes, surgical loupes, hygiene loupes and surgical headlights. With a legacy of advanced product performance and clinician-first features, we continue to set the benchmark for quality craftsmanship, innovation, and durability.

Orascoptic remains steadfastly committed to investing in innovation to advance the leading edge of design in the field of surgical loupes and headlights.

Trial Period & Warranty – Orascoptic offers a 45-day trial period for any new loupe and/or headlight system and a limited lifetime warranty on all telescopes*. If you experience a manufacturer related defect to your oculars, Orascoptic will fix them free of charge. Our custom designed loupe frames come with a 3-year limited warranty.

* Limited lifetime warranty on all telescopes excludes EyeZoom™ and EyeZoom Mini telescopes. We offer a 3-year limited warranty on EyeZoom and EyeZoom Mini telescopes.

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