Dental hygienists are on the front lines in the battle against poor oral health. Through proper diagnosis and counseling, they define the path to exceptional preventative care and sustainable hygiene.

At Orascoptic, we work to empower dental hygienists and therapists with the proper tools to promote a long and healthy career. Focusing on advanced product performance and clinician-first features, we have developed a complete line of dental hygiene loupes, surgical headlights, and safety eyewear. 



RDH EliteEdge Blue


Exceptional visibility is a necessity for everything from routine cleanings to scaling and root planning. Our 2.5x telescopes are ideal for most dental hygiene procedures. Recent third-party lab results prove our latest generation of HDL 2.5x loupes are the clearest in the industry!

We want to see you in our latest RDH loupe! RDH EliteEdge™ features cutting edge technology for hygiene loupes – an adjustable declination angle & a head strap that clips into your temple tips!

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Endeavour Headlight


Optimal illumination is an essential component to ensure the best procedural results. At Orascoptic, we offer a variety of surgical headlights that offer improved visibility by reducing shadowing in the field of view.

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Loupe Laser Shields


Eye protection is a necessary component for any procedure. We carry a complete line of safety products for both the patient and the clinician.

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