Convenient, easily removable shields designed to protect eyes from the most common laser wavelengths in the industry.

EASE-IN-SHIELDS are an ideal way to protect your eyesight during hard and soft tissue laser procedures and procedures performed with a curing light. A unique and lightweight design allows the user to easily slide the shield insert in and out of the frame between procedures. 

These shields are compatible with most loupe and eyewear models, so the user is able to use the magnification they are accustomed to without having to purchase additional products or go through a frustrating installation process.

EASE-IN-SHIELDS is a registered trademark of ViewMax Solutions, LLC. Used with permission. Available only in the United States and Canada.

Color Options

EASE-IN-SHIELDS Green Soft Tissue

Color: Green Soft Tissue

EASE-IN-SHIELDS Grey Hard Tissue

Color: Color: Green Soft Tissue


Color: Yellow Curing

Curing (Yellow) Filter Wavelengths

  • 430 – 480 nm

CO2-Solea (Gray-Blue) Filter Wavelengths

  • 9000 – 11000 nm

Hard Tissue (Grey) Filter Wavelengths

  • 1800 – 1979 nm
  • 1980 – 2550 nm
  • 2251 – 3000 nm
  • 10600 nm

Soft Tissue (Green) Filter Wavelengths

  • 800 – 809 nm
  • 810 – 899 nm
  • 900 – 979 nm
  • 980 – 1064 nm
  • 1065 – 1080 nm


Mounting Options



Head strap

Storage Case

Cleaning Cloth


Head strap