October 20, 2014

Orascoptic™, the leader in superior vision solutions for dental and medical professionals introduces EyeZoom – the first and only loupe to offer adjustable levels of magnification ranging from 3x – 5x.

Developed to assist healthcare professionals view an operating site from multiple perspectives, EyeZoom conforms to fit the custom preference of each individual. Whether you are an Ophthalmologist performing cataract surgery at 3x, or a vascular surgeon performing an endarterectomy at 5x, the loupe maintains a consistent working distance at each magnification power level.  

Co-engineered by Orascoptic and Konica Minolta®, the patent-pending EyeZoom technology provides unprecedented edge-to-edge clarity and high-definition resolution.   Designed for an ideal symmetry between style and performance, the lightweight magnesium bezel adds an aesthetically pleasing style to this medical device.

 EyeZoom is available on Orascoptic’s Legend™, Rave™, Rydon™, and Victory™ frames and can be configured as a through-the-lens (TTL) loupe.