Designed for clinicians that perform laser procedures, this loupe combines eye protection and magnification into a single lightweight product.

A virtually clear glass filter is built into the telescope, while a tinted polycarbonate filter is baked onto the carrier lens.


Mounting Options:

Through-the-Lens, Through-the-Flip

Magnification Power:

2.5x (HiRes™ 2)
3.3x – 4.8x (HiRes™ Plus)

Blue Wave Length Filters:

800-830 nm
940-980 nm
1064 nm
2780-2940 nm
10600 nm

Clear Wave Length Filters:

2780-2940 nm
10600 nm

Loupe package:

Black side shields
Protective lens caps
Personalized storage case
Cleaning cloth
Head strap

Frame Options:

Eye prescriptions are limited to telescopes only (not available in carrier lenses).