Laser eye protection is an essential component during any procedure involving harmful radiation and Orascoptic recognizes the importance of providing solutions that go beyond the standard expectations.

Our collection of laser eye protection consists of various laser inserts for the Revolution™ frame style as well as laser loupes. 


Laser Inserts (Revolution frame) – Available as “multi-wave” or  single wave length insert, the laser insert simply snaps into the chassis of the Revolution frame for quick install and removal.


Laser Loupes – The loupe allows for a polycarbonate filter to be baked directly onto the carrier lens; removing the need for inserts. Additional specifications are available on the Laser Loupes page.



Mounting Options:


Filter Wavelengths:

800 – 830 nm
940 – 980 nm
1,064 nm
2,780 – 2,940 nm
10,600 nm

Eye prescriptions are limited to telescopes only (not available in carrier lenses).

Loupe Options:
Frame Options:
Loupe Package:

Black side shields
Protective lens caps
Head strap
Personalized storage case
Cleaning cloth