Our brightest headlight, the Discovery employs constant current technology to ensure light output does not diminish over the run-time of the battery. 
With a sleek battery pack design and the absence of knobs, the Discovery allows clinicians to easily switch between light intensities. 
The Discovery comes with a four year warranty on both the LED and cable, and a one year warranty on the battery pack. 


Headlight Specifications:


1.0 in (26 mm)


0.6 oz (18.1 g)

Light Intensity:

3000/5000/7000 ft cd of light output

Intensity Control:

Push-button control up to 7000 ft cd

Color Temperature:

6500° K

Composite Filter:

Curing filter included

Battery Specifications:


2.5” (6.4 cm) x 3.8” (9.7 cm) x 1.0” (2.6 cm)

Est. Battery Life

8 to 17 hours depending on light setting

Est. Charging Time:

up to 3 hours (can be used while recharging)


Lithium Ion

Dental Townie Choice Awards® 2008