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Orascoptic is acutely aware of the needs of hygienists. We maintain a certified hygienist on our staff to support new product development and help us understand the challenges that hygienists face throughout their careers. We realize that you want to provide the best possible care for your patients, and our goal is to empower you with quality crafted products, such as dental hygiene loupes, to support this initiative. We also understand the repetitive stress and strain that your body is subjected to on a daily basis.


Ergonomic products are crucial in today's environment to ensure that you will be practicing in comfort for the life of your career.

The use of dental hygiene loupes has been associated with decreased neck and back pain, as they allow operators to maintain healthier postures.

Thank you for being a company that represents excellence in quality and comfort. I have had my through-the-lens loupes for two and a half years, and the spasms in my neck and back have disappeared. There was a noticeable difference the first week I started wearing them. My Dental Hygiene career has been extended because I'm now able to practice in comfort.

I will not work without my loupes and headlight. A day without loupes and a headlight is a pain in the neck! Thank you so much.

Orascoptic loupes are outstanding and I regret that I did not have them earlier in my career. I recommend loupes to students and colleagues, and feel strongly that they should be required in a student's armamentarium. The use of Orascoptic magnification lenses significantly reduces neck, shoulder, and back pain. It is an investment in health!

Improved Patient Care & Vision

The magnification and Illumination provided by dental hygiene loupes and lights make it easier to navigate your work area and see the critical details that can be missed with the naked eye. Your patients can expect a more thorough exam, and in turn, better oral health.

Thank you Orascoptic for my loupes that offer superior resolution and give me a clarity and sharpness throughout my day that wouldn't be possible without your fine products!

Wearing Orascoptic loupes has done two things for me. They've made me more aware of what I'm seeing, and more aware of how I'm sitting. Loupes have made a positive difference in my career, and I wish I'd known about them 20 years ago. Thanks, Orascoptic, for being a friend to dental hygiene.


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Orascoptic's award-winning HiRes 2 is recognized as the top-selling loupe in America and sets the industry standard for high definition loupes for dental hygienists.

See the entire mouth with edge-to-edge clarity and reduce eye-strain.

Offers peace of mind and helps ensure that you will be enjoying your loupes throughout your career.

We are so sure that you will love your Orascoptic Loupes that we are offering a 45 Day Money-Back Trial Period.

LED Headlights

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A headlight is the perfect companion to your loupe system. It provides even, shadowless lighting across the oral cavity to enhance visualization, improve depth of field, and reduce eye fatigue. Bundle a light with your loupe and save on both!

Featured Products

HiRes 2 (2.5x)

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Orascoptic's award-winning HiRes 2 is recognized as the topĀ­-selling dental hygienist loupe in America and sets the industry standard for high definition loupes. This award-winning 2.5x loupe boasts lightweight, high definition optics and a generous field size. Experience the difference high-quality optics can make for your dental procedures. With HiRes loupes, seeing is believing.


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Applying advanced technology, Orascoptic has created the Endeavour, a high resolution LED Headlight System that incorporates today's best technology. Endeavour is our lightest & smallest light system ever! Endeavour is both bright and lightweight, offering the ideal combination of comfort and power in a dental LED headlight.