Designed with a perfect synergy between magnification and illumination, the XV1™ is the first and only wireless loupe and headlight in one. 

Each XV1 is equipped with an array of features designed to elevate your practice. 


Micro Headlight – XV1 employs Orascoptic’s smallest and most lightweight headlight

Cable-less Design – All electronics are completely contained within the frame

Built-in Battery Power – XV1’s power source is housed within the temple arms, eliminating the need for a battery belt-pack

Capacitive Touch Controls – Static electricity allows the user to adjust light intensities with the touch of the hand, no more need to flip a switch or turn a knob

Custom Fit - Distribute the weight for maximum comfort by using the adjustable temple arms and nose pad

Personalize – Each XV1 and carrying case is custom engraved with your name


Mounting Options:

Through-the-Lens (TTL)

Magnification Power:

2.5x – 5x


HiRes™ 2 loupe —
5.7 ounces (161.7 grams)

HiRes Plus™ 4.8 loupe —
6.59 ounces (186.7 grams)

Light Intensity:

High: 68 lumens

Low: 42 lumens

Battery Type:

Lithium Ion

Est. Battery Life (4 batteries):

6 to 10 hours depending on light setting

Battery Charge Time
(set of 2):

< 2 hours

Loupe package:

Carrying case
Cleaning cloth
Curing filter
Carrying case
Optical screwdrivers (2)
Power supply
Rechargeable batteries (4)


Color Options






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