Importance if Magnification in Implant Dentistry

The Importance of Magnification in Implant Dentistry

by Dr. Marcelo Oliveira
Maxillofacial Surgeon and Prosthodontist

‘The importance of magnification in implant dentistry - How reliable are your eyes?’

Implant dentistry requires specific motor skills with intense and focused vision for several hours consecutively. However, the conditions and obstacles that we usually encounter in the oral cavity can add a considerable burden to our vision and limit our ability to perform at our best. This is one of the main reasons why loupes are the standard of care in dentistry.

Technology and Excellence

Technology and Excellence

by Diana Friedman
General Manager

Craftsmanship, the skill and art of creating items, has long been associated with handmade manufacturing processes. When thinking of luxury items, the specific identification of an article as ‘hand crafted’ connotes quality, expertise and artistry. This perception holds true for both products and services. Many healthcare professions, including dentistry, have a proud heritage in the hands-on delivery of clinical and aesthetic care by dentists, specialists and dental hygienists. Dexterity, handiness and manual agility are valued attributes in our profession.