‘Oral Cancer: the crucial role of early detection and diagnosis’

by Jo-Anne Jones
2020 CE Leader

Chances are if you are not wearing loupes and benefitting from the use of magnification in your clinical practice, you may be missing subtle changes in the oral environment.  If those subtle changes are related to an aphthous ulcer, there is not too much at stake.  However, the oversight of a pre-cancerous or cancerous lesion may have a devastating outcome for the patient in the chair.  It may even be a matter of life or death. 


The real numbers behind Oral Cancer

Here are the facts:

Technology and Excellence

Technology and Excellence

by Diana Friedman
General Manager

Craftsmanship, the skill and art of creating items, has long been associated with handmade manufacturing processes. When thinking of luxury items, the specific identification of an article as ‘hand crafted’ connotes quality, expertise and artistry. This perception holds true for both products and services. Many healthcare professions, including dentistry, have a proud heritage in the hands-on delivery of clinical and aesthetic care by dentists, specialists and dental hygienists. Dexterity, handiness and manual agility are valued attributes in our profession.