Loupe magnification and illumination matter now more than ever.


Enables increased working distances from patient



Unlocks a larger image for enhanced clinical detail



Supports ergonomic neck and back posture in a fast-changing environment


"I believe that detail through the use of magnification is more important now than it was before COVID-19. Greater detail likely means fewer mishaps during treatment. Procedures will run more predictably which limits chair time and in turn may limit potential exposure to any viruses." - Dr. Ken Murry, DMD


Tell us how your loupes and headlights enable you to practice Detail at a Distance™ as you return to work. Use #detailatadistance on social media!


As clinicians prepare to reopen their practices, we recognize the need for guidance on face shield selection and availability. Click here for more information about Orascoptic's face shield offering.

Face Shield Guidance & Offering  


You can once again book an in-office custom loupe consultation with your local Orascoptic representative. We will exercise thoughtful caution as we take the necessary steps to get back to the in-person custom fittings. For your safety, all Orascoptic representatives will:

  • Take their temperature prior to each sales appointment
  • Wear a mask regardless of individual practice protocol
  • Sanitize products before and during each client visit
  • Maintain a visit log and provide a disinfection certificate 

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