Specializing in the design and manufacturing of surgical loupes, dental loupes, and hygiene loupes for over 30 years, we have made it our mission to provide superior visualization to healthcare clinicians across the globe.

With a dedication to quality craftsmanship, we have continually set the standards for loupes by offering an unmatched resolution across the widest and deepest viewing field. Every loupe is customized to the individual user and handcrafted in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Continually striving to be a pioneer in the industry, we draw new product innovations from existing customers and leaders in the industry. As evident by the XV1™, the world’s first loupe and headlight in one, we continue to push the boundaries that define traditional loupes.

Each of our telescopes featured below come with a lifetime guarantee.

The first and only adjustable magnification loupe, EyeZoom offers three adjustable magnification levels ranging from 3x-5x.


Designed with a singular focus on dental hygiene, the RDH Elite is centered on improving ergonomics, productivity and career longevity. 

This micro-sized optic offers lightweight comfort and superior visualization for all types of loupe users.

The ideal loupe for beginners to veterans, this loupe delivers a high resolution across a wide and deep field of view.

The perfect loupe for healthcare professionals that require a higher magnification with a lighter weight feel.

Engineered for healthcare professionals requiring a higher magnification for exacting procedures.

Combining eye protection and magnification in one, this loupe is designed for clinicians who routinely perform laser procedures.

Designed with a perfect synergy between magnification and illumination, the XV1™ is the first wireless loupe and headlight in one.

The oldest optical design in the Orascoptic portfolio, this economically priced 2.5x power loupe is tried and true.

Dental Townie Choice Awards® 2008-2013