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At Orascoptic, our commitment to quality shows with each dental loupe. For more than 30 years, Orascoptic has designed, manufactured and distributed award-winning dental loupes. We strive to be pioneers in magnifying loupe performance and comfort.

Orascoptic dental loupes can visualize the smallest details, yet they can also see the big picture – literally. Discover the difference for yourself – an Orascoptic dental loupe offers unmatched resolution, across the widest, deepest viewing field you’ll find anywhere. Their level of detail and high-end performance are just a few reasons that elevate Orascoptic dental loupes above the competition.

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Orascoptic specializes in dental loupes and magnifying loupes for dental professionals, including clinicians, hygienists, dentists and more. We put your visualization requirements first, allowing you to concentrate on the patient. Known for their quality and dependable function, our dental loupes are also available in custom designs – with just a few clicks of the mouse, you can create the loupes you’ve always wanted. Each clinician, hygienist and dentist is unique, and Orascoptic puts personalized attention to detail at your fingertips.

Our dental loupes are available from 2.0x to 4.8x magnification resolution, in five different telescope configurations: HiRes™ 2, HiRes™ 3, HiRes™ Plus, Dimension 3™, and Laser Loupes™.

Pride, passion and dedication are built into every product we sell, including dental loupes and each magnifying loupe. For over three decades, we’ve been at the forefront of dental visualization technology. Our company was founded by a dentist in 1981, and we’ve built on a strong tradition of dental visualization technology ever since. For instance, our award-winning XV1™ Loupe + Light combines cutting-edge magnification with a focused light source – all in a package that helps enhance visualization and is incredibly comfortable. Orascoptic is the clear choice for dental practitioners – everybody from students to esteemed dental veterans.

To learn more about our dental loupes and magnifying loupes, please contact an Orascoptic customer service representative at (800) 369-3698. Or, you can send an email to OrascopticCustCare@sybron.com. Our expertise in dental loupes is unmatched – experience the Orascoptic difference.

If you’re ready to experience and enjoy the ultimate in dental practice visualization, contact us today!

High Quality Optics & Lenses + State-Of-The-Art Frames =
Superior Visualization™

Loupe Orascoptic Logo Loupe
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Sports Frame Material Advanced Carbon Fiber
(more durable than standard plasctic)
Standard Molded Plastic
Sports Frame Warranty 3 Years
(3x the warranty)
1 Year
Adjustable Temple Tips for custom-fit Check Mark  
Adjustable Nose Pads for true comfort Check Mark  
Carrier Lens Material Ultra-Light Trilite Material
(lighter than standard high-index
and virtually unbreakable)
Standard High-Index Material

Thank you Orascoptic for my loupes that offer superior resolution and give me a clarity and sharpness throughout my day that wouldn't be possible without your fine products!


Dental Loupe Models

HDL 2.5×

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HiRes 2The HDL 2.5× incorporates micro-sized optics that deliver lightweight comfort and the superior visual clarity. Developed to have a generous field of view, the HDL's field depth rivals that of the Orascoptic award-winning HiRes™ 2.5×, yet the innovative optical design is 25 percent smaller than its predecessor. The HDL design also leverages an elongated bezel to deliver steep angles of declination for improved ergonomics.

HiRes 2 (2.5x)

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HiRes 2Orascoptic's award-winning HiRes 2 is recognized as the top-selling dental loupe in America and sets the industry standard for high definition loupes. This top-selling, award-winning 2.5x loupe boasts lightweight, high definition optics and a generous field size. Experience the difference high-quality optics can make for your dental procedures. With HiRes loupes, seeing is believing.

HiRes Plus (3.3x - 4.8x)

Expanded View Loupes

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HiRes Plus When you need the sharpest possible optics for your most exacting dental procedures, HiRes Plus dental loupes are the right choice. Orascoptic's highest definition loupes, HiRes Plus features a prismatic design yielding higher power, higher definition, and wider fields than any other expanded field loupes available. Its lightweight optics maintain clinical comfort while its innovative optics ensure crystal-clear vision across the entire operating field. Our patented adjustable-focus feature allow you to fine tune your working distance at the operating site.

HiRes 3 (3.3x)

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HiRes3The HiRes 3 telescope affords brilliant resolution and, compared to other 3.3x loupes, delivers a very wide and deep viewing field. Orascoptic's HiRes 3 blows away the competition with an amazing 2.75" field! Finally, comfort and field size in a compact 3.3x optical system.

Dimension 3 (2.5x)

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Dimension 3This economically priced 2.5x magnifying loupe is tried and true. - This 2.5x loupe offers a large field size, making it a great beginner loupe for dental and hygiene students.