Orascoptic Dental Headlights

Dental Headlights and Headlamps

Orascoptic dental headlights are a crucial tool for hygienists, clinicians and other dental professionals. A dental headlamp provides precise, focused light to areas that are otherwise missed with the naked eye. No matter how good your vision is, a dental headlight is still the best way to reveal a dark corner, inspect a tooth or illuminate any dental operating site.

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A dental headlight is essential for proper navigation and ensures an accurate patient examination, and an Orascoptic dental headlamp does that and much more. Plus, our dental headlamps are specifically designed to visualize the unique contours of the oral cavity. Orascoptic dental LED headlights provide shadow-free illumination to help reduce the chance of errors in identifying and treating tooth decay, gum disease and other dental ailments.

A quality patient examination just isn’t possible without proper lighting. An Orascoptic dental headlight is designed to emit true white light with exceptional brightness and well-defined sharpness. Each Orascoptic dental headlamp gives dental clinicians the ultimate in convenience and performance: all of our dental headlights are lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. With industry-leading LED cables and long-running battery life, they’re made to provide hours (and years) of dependable performance. We think that quality shouldn’t cut corners – that’s why Orascoptic dental headlights feature advanced engineering, down to the finest details. It’s a quality that’s evident right out of the box. The first time it’s used, and every use thereafter.

Our dental headlight product lineup includes the lightweight Endeavor™, the high-tech Discovery™ and the Apollo™, renowned for its durability and versatility. Each comes with Orascoptic’s advanced design, and all three are preferred by dental clinicians, hygienists and dentists.

The Orascoptic consummate commitment to quality is evident in our continual product innovation. Our latest design, the unique XV1™ Loupe + Light, is the new benchmark in dental visualization design – an ergonomic, comfortable device that combines precise magnification with steady, focused light. This breakthrough design is already a favorite with dental clinicians all over the globe.

Remember, our focus at Orascoptic is your focus – achieving superior visualization1 for a wide range of dental procedures. We realize that exceptional patient care starts with the best possible visualization. Try an Orascoptic dental LED headlight, or browse our high-performance dental headlights.

Orascoptic has a diverse selection of top-end dental headlights. If you’re interested in learning more about an Orascoptic dental headlight, contact us today! Call our customer service department at (800) 369-3698, or send an email to OrascopticCustCare@sybron.com. Thank you for considering Orascoptic for all your dental visualization needs. We look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations!

1 When compared to working with no loupes or headlight.

A dental headlight will make it easier to navigate your work area and see the critical details that can be missed with the naked eye. Your patients can expect a more thorough exam, and in turn, better oral health. Dental LED headlights provide even, shadowless lighting across the oral cavity to enhance visualization, improve depth of field, and reduce eye fatigue.

  • Coaxial mounting onto loupes eliminates shadows from the operating field
  • True white light delivers superior brightness, sharpness, and field depth
  • Lightweight design provides exceptional comfort, even during all-day use
  • Enhanced illumination reduces eye fatigue while increasing the quality of patient examination.

Bundle with a loupe and save on both!
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(PHOTO: Endeavour headlight system.)

Applying advanced technology, Orascoptic has created the Endeavour™, a high resolution dental LED Headlight System that incorporates today's best technology. Endeavour is our lightest & smallest light system ever!

Endeavour is both bright and lightweight, offering the ideal combination of comfort and power in a dental LED headlight.


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(PHOTO: Discovery headlight system.)

Orascoptic's most powerful dental headlight light emits 7,000 foot candles of bright white light. A convenient touch-pad control panel allows the user to easily adjust the light output through a coat or pants pocket.


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(PHOTO: Apollo headlight system.)

Orascoptic's Apollo™ portable LED light system features an ultra-lightweight dental headlamp that generates 3,800 foot candles of bright, white light for thorough illumination, and a battery pack that recharges in just 3 hours.