FREEDOM - The ONLY Cordless Dental LED Headlight

Product Highlights

Orascoptic Freedom is the industry’s first LED Light System that does not employ belt-packs, long electrical cables, or buttons. This award-winning technology finally gives you freedom from those pesky cables and battery packs, and allows you to focus on delivering quality patient care. Freedom features:

  • Cordless Design – wireless dental headlights means no more cumbersome cables or heavy belt­-packs.
  • Lightweight battery pods - connect to the temple arms of the loupe, rather than heavy belt-packs employed by traditional LED systems. Moving power to the loupe itself eliminates the issue with long dangling electrical cords that are prone to getting caught on chairs, doorknobs, and cabinets in the dental office.
  • Capacitive touch technology - eliminates the need for any buttons, knobs, or switches, but more importantly, allows the practitioner to control the light while holding instruments in both hands. Capacitive touch also eliminates bacteria traps associated with traditional light system controls, making the Freedom easy to disinfect and maintain.
  • Constant Current Technology - delivers 4,000 foot candles. Wireless dental headlight constant current technology ensures that the illumination will maintain its intensity over the full run-time of the batteries.
  • Universal loupe mount – A robust yet simple universal mounting clip securely fastens the lightweight headlight to virtually any TTL loupe on the market.
  • Counter Balance Design - Unique weight-neutralizing counter-balance between the battery pods and the cordless dental headlight relieves forward pressure on the nose.

Headlight Specifications

Diameter: 1.0 inch (26mm)
Weight: 0.7 oz (20 grams)
Temperature: 6,500° K
Brightness: Variable up to 5,000 foot candles

Battery Specifications

Type: Lithium Polymer
System Run-Time: 6 hours

2-Bay battery charging station

Experience Freedom in a whole new light…

Since receiving my new Freedom light system I notice less aches and pains at the end of my clinical day, which will add up to longevity in my career as a dental hygienist. Love the 3 powers of light especially for seeing those posterior areas when working with a patient that has positioning issues. Love them, love them, love them. All dental hygienists should own this light system.

Deb Beres, RDH, BS (emphasis added)

I absolutely love the Freedom loupe & light. I do not have to worry anymore about getting caught on the cord or continuing to move the cord out of the way. I am finally free. I cannot recommend them any more highly. A great new product from Orascoptic.

Dr. Leonard Tau, DMD (emphasis added)

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